National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

[Upbeat music plays in the background]
[on screen text] Working alongside Indigenous communities
[on screen text] Sevaun Palvetzian, Chief Communications Officer and lead for corporate responsibility at Rogers

[Artists shown painting Indigenous art]
[Sevaun Palvetzian]  
One of the best ways that we can help address
some of these needs that exist in communities,

[Indigenous drum ceremony]
in particular Indigenous communities, across
[Peguis First Nation flag]
the country,
[Various clips of Indigenous people]
[Peguis sign]
is in finally closing the digital divide.

And 2 million people that live across this
country that are living in rural, remote Indigenous communities,

[Peguis Mulitplex Center sign]
that don’t have access to the same kind
of connection that other people living in

urban centres or other parts of the country do.

It ought not to be the case that your postal
code determines your connectivity opportunity.

So, we worked hard in partnership with many
First Nations communities to extend connectivity

where it’s never been before, but also making sure,

in other parts of our company, that a spotlight 
went on issues around truth and reconciliation.

One of the many efforts that our team brought
to action was something around Orange Shirt Day.

[Orange shirt with a design of concentric feathers]
This is an important day for truth, for reconciliation,
for putting a spotlight on the residential

school history and recent history here within
this country.

[A plaque for The Mohawk Institute]
[An image of children sitting in a classroom]
[On-screen text: Courtesy The Woodland Cultural Center]
So, we partnered with Patrick Hunter, who
designed a brilliant T-shirt for Orange Shirt Day,

[Orange design of concentric feathers]
[On-screen text: Every Child Matters]
[Tsc logo]
and we sold it on TSC.
[On-screen text: Today’s Shopping Choice,]

[Various clips of people wearing the Orange shirt with a design of concentric feathers]
This brought in about $100,000 that was donated
for the organization: Orange Shirt Society.

We were pleased to play an important role
using, again, our assets for education and awareness.

And we’ll continue that in the future.

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