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How Gavin Lumsden went the extra mile for communities in need.

Gavin Lumsden is no stranger to hard work and giving back to the community. Along with his full-time job as a Station Manager for tvRogers and Rogerstv in Ottawa, Gavin has dedicated over 1,400 hours volunteering since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Share Your Pride: Andrew shares his journey to fatherhood

Andrew Myers has been a member of the Rogers team for eight years, and currently heads up the Advanced Advertising team at Rogers Sports and Media (RSM). His day job currently consists of thinking about how our customer and marketer experience can be improved by building more targeted and personalized ads using data, and pretty soon, he’ll add another full-time job into the mix – being a father.

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National AccessAbility Week: Small Changes for Big Impacts – Sarah’s Story

As an ally to the persons with disabilities community, Sarah Jarrett, Account Manager for Creative Services, acknowledges and appreciates accessibility tools in both her personal and professional life, and continuously strives to gather new insights into accessible best practices.

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