New Grad Leadership Development Program

This unique program allows new graduates to be involved in meaningful projects, contribute real work, develop critical skills, and learn from diverse leaders.

Why join?

You'll gain direct experience in the area of our business you've chosen to explore and leverage your educational background and skills to help move our business forward. Even better, we'll help enrich your skills and provide the diverse experience needed to be a well-rounded professional.

Program Benefits:

  • Full time opportunity at end of program
  • You'll be assigned a mentor and buddy
  • Attend personal and professional workshops throughout the program
  • Take part in job rotations
  • Gain exposure to executive leadership
  • Build a meaningful career at Rogers

Areas of Interest:

We're investing in New Grads to build athletes and talent pipeline across our Consumer business units! We’re committed to creating rotational opportunities that provide a breadth of experience. Our New Grads will develop business acumen, learn about organizational awareness, and understand the customer and frontline experience.

Program Design

  • A 12-month program with two six-month rotations
  • Frontline experience
  • Permanent placement after rotational program ends

We’re constantly evolving to be the best, and we need the best and brightest people on our team to get there. Our Human Resource Business Group (HR) is responsible for shaping our talent, culture & engagement strategy—they believe the strength of our people determines our shared success.

Program Design

  • A 12-month program with two six-month rotations
  • Permanent placement after rotational program ends

How do you inform, entertain, and inspire a country? You start with a vision: create competing content that matters to Canadians. From there, you build a top team of creative, technical & strategic thinkers dedicated to bringing our shared vision to life. When you work in Rogers Sports and Media teams, you have a hand in shaping an iconic portfolio of award-winning TV, Radio & Sports.

Program Design

  • A 12-month non-rotational program
  • Permanent placement after program ends

Rogers for business is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our customers across Canada. Our solutions help business owners reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service, productivity, and collaboration in their workplaces. Our products and marketing ensure that customers know how the available solutions and ever-improving technologies can work for their business.

Program Design

  • A 12-month program that includes multiple rotational plans based on your functional role
  • Permanent placement after rotational program ends

A highly technical, collaborative, diverse and agile team that's driven to think critically, solve problems, develop solutions and pivot in a fast-paced environment. We have access to leading-edge technology and services to make more possible for our customers and our business every day. At Rogers, we're building the future of innovation in Canada and helping make our country even stronger. Through next-generation technology, a world-class network, unique partnerships, and content Canadians love, we're building tomorrow today.

Program Design

  • There are different streams you could enter in our Technology New Grad Program (Network Develop & Core Engineering, Networking Engineering, Business Demand Management, Digital, IT, Operational Support Systems (OSS), Data Science & Analytics)
  • All streams are 12-month programs with two to three rotations
  • Permanent placement after rotational program ends
  • September

    Roles are posted on the Student & New Grad page

  • September to October

    Rogers team is on-campus!

  • First Sunday of October

    Application deadline


    Interview process takes place

  • November

    Offers extended and accepted

  • May

    Begin your journey at Rogers! Program start


Andrea Royce – 2021 HR New Grad

As a New Grad at Rogers, you never feel stagnant. You are constantly provided with opportunities that positively contribute to both your personal and professional growth. Being in a team of collaborative and kind-hearted individuals encourages you to expand your skills and leadership capabilities by applying the theoretical knowledge you learned in school – thereby adding value to the company. Rogers is committed to ensuring that New Grads reach their fullest potential by supporting them in building a network of meaningful connections that will prove beneficial throughout their career journey.

Monica Iqbal – 2021 Digital New Grad

There are many things that I enjoy about this program! One of them is all the learning opportunities available at our disposal. These include courses, workshops, and mentorship programs. We can partake in these to help us expand our skill set and grow within the company. This program is a great start to a new grad's career. There are many streams that you could apply to based on your background/interests, and you will learn lots within the program. You will get the opportunity to contribute to a large, reputable company.

Cole Steeves – 2020 Consumer New Grad

The New Grad program offers unparalleled opportunities for career development. At it's core this is a leadership development program, tailored to equip New Grad's with the necessary skills and experience to become the next leaders of this company. The wide range of experience New Grad's receive in their rotations coupled with the impactful development sessions in the curriculum create an ideal environment to start one's career journey.