Driving to Win

Proud to be Canadian

Founded by Ted Rogers, we have a 50-year history of embracing and leading change. We are proud to be a Canadian-owned company and we're passionate about winning. At Rogers, we're driven to make our communities and our country stronger and more successful. We're committed to quality and value, and we've transformed the way we work together to become number one.

  • Proud to be Canadian
  • Proud to be Canadian
  • Proud to be Canadian

Our vision and values

We Aspire

To grow our company by building a brilliant digital future for Canadians

Who We Are

We are Rogers, a Canadian family business.

We believe in innovation in everything we do.

We invest ahead of the curve, and build for tomorrow.

We deliver value and quality. We don’t cut corners.

We understand you’re really busy, so we make things simple.

Customers are part of our family, and we always look after family.

We train and develop our people so you can always rely on us.

We work as one team, with one goal: to serve you better.

We love what we do. Tomorrow, we aim to do it even better.

“The best is yet to come.” Ted Rogers

What We Believe In

The world always needs new ideas

The customer’s problems are ours to solve

Investing in people always pays off

Being the best is the only goal worth having

We win as a team, or not at all

How We Work

Simplify and innovate

Take ownership of the what and the how

Equip people to succeed

Execute with discipline and pride

Talk straight, build trust, and over deliver

We know our ability to grow and succeed in an ever-changing, increasingly competitive marketplace comes down to attracting, engaging, and retaining the right mix of people – the best and brightest in the industry.

We passionately believe what we have to offer sets us apart as Canada's most dynamic media and communications company. We believe in our employees and helping them build a rewarding career.


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